Perhaps the most difficult aspect of direct selling is getting consumers to purchase your products and services. Employing good marketing strategies can certainly increase your sales but there are also a few basic things that you have to keep in mind when pitching in your products to consumers. The most common mistake among many direct sales representatives or any entrepreneur for that matter is giving too much thought and attention to elaborate marketing schemes and in the process, forgetting all about the basic principles of selling. Below are three basic things to keep in mind if you want to improve your venture’s sales:

Sell to the Right People

While this may be common sense advice, a lot of direct sellers actually forget about this when marketing their products to the public. The bottom-line is, you can spend so much money on marketing schemes but if you don’t reach the right people who are actually interested in your products and services, you won’t be able to sell anything. The first thing to do when selling is to ask whether the person in front of you actually needs or wants what you have to offer, not explicitly of course but do it with the right questions. This will save both you and the consumer time and effort.

First Impressions Are Important

While first impressions aren’t everything, they are crucial in direct sales. If you don’t make the right impression, what assurance do you have that the customer will stick around to listen to the rest of your presentation or wait around for you to redeem yourself? Your goal is to be interesting and to appear approachable and knowledgeable. Make your customers feel that they don’t have to hesitate about asking more questions regarding your products and services and that you know enough to take care of their concerns.

Use Your Products

No matter how good you are at speaking in public or pitching in products and services, if you don’t use your own products, you won’t be able to effectively market them. If you show your customers that you have tried your products yourself, then this will certainly help convince them about its quality and efficiency in delivering the best results. Consumers want to make the most out of their purchases, which is why they are constantly looking for assurance that the product in question is actually a great buy. In direct sales, you are your most effective advertisement so whether it is a piece of jewelry or cosmetics that you are selling, wear it or use it to show your customers the real potential behind such a product.

Keep these things in mind and utilize the marketing strategies available to you and it would certainly help increase sales. Remember to start with the basics before venturing out to more elaborate strategies.